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DUA Creates New Sportsmanship Awards

Delaware Umpires Association has created two new sportsmanship awards for high school varsity baseball and softball teams, as memorials for Mike Abbatiello and Horace Ellingsworth.  The Mike Abbatiello Sportsmanship Award for baseball and the Horace Ellingsworth Sportsmanship Award for softball will be presented to varsity teams that best represent the spirit of competition and exemplary sportsmanship, reflecting Mike's and Horace's dedication to their respective sports. Teams will be nominated and voted upon by DUA members for their respect for umpires, opponents, teammates and spectators, their fair play, their hustle, their positive attitude, dignity and enjoyment of the game.
The awards will be presented to the schools at the conclusion of the season. 

Tips for Umpires

NFHS Concussions Course

The National Federation of High School (NFHS), the governing body for high school sports in the US, has produced a free online course to educate high school coaches and officials about the seriousness of concussions in high school sports. Any player who exhibits signs of a possible concussion MUST be removed from the game and CANNOT return to play until cleared by an appropriate health care professional. Delaware state law requires coaches and officials to complete the free concussion course every two years. DUA has instituted a policy that member umpires complete the course every two years. Learn what to look for and what to do when a player may have a concussion.

NFHS Free Concussion Course CLICK HERE


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