Softball Clinic

Gus Rehnstrom teaches plate mechanics with help from Tom Disharoon and Steve Buchly (214kb) Having finished warmups, umpires divide into their groups and go to their stations (186kb) Tony DeFazio demonstrates walking the line for base umpires (264kb) Tony DeFazio talks to base umpires before starting a drill.  (196kb) Steve Buchly demonstrates his plate umpire stance in the slot. (287kb)
Duane Hammond and Dave Wilson in the base umpire's hands-on-knees set position. (319kb) Keith Culver calls a strike as Steve Buchly watches. (292kb) Dave Moyer instructs a group of plate umpires. (243kb) Dave Moyer explains what can happen when the batter drops the bat in fair territory.   (296kb) Jesse Flynn moves out from behind the plate. (200kb)
Mike Luongo gives up-close instruction to Wade Heverin in the cage. (548kb) Tony DeFazio demonstrates base umpire technique with Duane Hammond. (237kb) Rob Kern follows the batter-runner up the line. (144kb) Duane Hammond and Greg Collins review plate umpire's responsibilities covering the bases. (325kb) Dave Moyer teaches plate umpire mechanics to cover third base. (212kb)
Wade Heverin tracks a strike on Greg Collins. (215kb) Gus Rehnstrom prepares to blow the whistle to signal Move to the next station. (51kb) Dave Moyer instructs plate umpires how to track a fly ball close to the line. (216kb) Greg Collins follows the play toward first base as catcher Tom Disharoon fields the ball. (180kb) Jack Amodei calls a strike.  Steve Buchly watches Jack's technique. (250kb)
Mike Luongo talks with some of the Maryland umpires who attended the clinic. (333kb) Steve Buchly instructs Neal Nochton in the batting cage. (313kb) Tony DeFazio and Duane Hammond teach positioning for base umpires. (213kb) Mike Abbatiello ring up a strike on Jesse Flynn as Wade Heverin looks on. (419kb) Mike Abbatiello calls a check-swing strike on Jesse Flynn. (454kb)
Mike Luongo doing what he does best. (50kb) Mike Luongo leads plate mechanics instruction in the cage. (392kb) Ron King stays low to call that high pitch, Ball!  (374kb) Ron King rises to signal a strike call.  (389kb)  
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