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  • You subscribe to Baseball Weekly during the off-season.
  • You go to amateur ballgames (Little League, softball, etc.) even though you don’t know anyone on the teams.
  • Many of your summertime meals seem to consist of $6 hotdogs, $5 nachos and $4 cokes.
  • You’re still looking for that Todd van Poppel rookie card.
  • The last time you flew across country you planned a stop in Chicago so you could go to Wrigley Field.
  • You own a copy of the Official Baseball Rulebook. And you understand the Infield Fly and Balk rules.
  • You’ve ever scored a game.
  • You’re still carrying on a feud with your neighbor over whether Ichiro should have been eligible for Rookie of the Year.
  • You know who pitched the seventh game of the ’68 World Series.
  • You have Spring Training season tickets
  • Your spouse asks where you’d like to go on vacation this year and you say, "Boston, Baltimore, Cleveland and Detroit."
  • You search out the Internet for web sites like this one.
  • You design web sites like this one.



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