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  • The thing that surprised me most in baseball is the amount of integrity that most umpires have. It actually took me a while to believe what a good game they'd give you the next night after a blow-up. - Earl Weaver
  • Being an umpire wasn't such a tough job. You really have to understand only two things and that's maintaining discipline and knowing the rule book. - Cal Hubbard
  • An umpire is a loner. The restraints of his trade impose problems not normally endured by players,coaches, management, press and others connected with organized baseball. He is a friend to none. More often he is considered an enemy by all around him - including the fans in the stands who threaten his life. - Art Rosenbaum in The San Francisco Chronicle (1965)
  • Wanting to be an umpire is tantamount to wanting to be President of the United States. I can admire their fierce sense of responsibility, whether they are right or wrong, but sometimes it comes down to being a thankless job; however, the job must be done. - Art Rust in Recollections of a Baseball Junkie (1985)
  • The best thing about umpiring is seeing the best in baseball every day. The cardinal rule of umpiring is to follow the ball wherever it goes. Well, if you watch the ball, you can't help seeing somebody make a great catch... That's what makes umpiring so much fun. - National League Umpire Shag Crawford


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