Keep Warm on the Field

Throughout the early part of the season, be prepared to umpire games in some chilly weather.  When you arrive at the game site, the temperature may be lower there than it was at home. As any veteran umpire can tell you, the key to keeping warm on the field is to wear layers.  Keep extra long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and maybe a fleece in your vehicle, ready to put on before you go on the field.  Wear these under your DUA jacket so that your uniform still matches your partner’s.  Additionally, keep a pair of black gloves and some type of black or navy headwear that covers your ears handy.  These can be tucked inside one of your layers and pulled out to use as needed.  Also, hand warmers can be kept in your pockets.  Be sure to remove them from your pockets to use them; don’t be standing on the field with your hands in your pockets.  Use lip balm to prevent chapping from the wind.
By staying warm on the field, you can concentrate better on the game.  Look and be professional on the field, despite the chilly weather. 




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